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Udemy review

Our detailed review of Udemy, one of the biggest online courses site with thousands of courses on almost any topic. Check out how they compare with the competition.

Our rating


Faith H.


The best I think!!

I started using Udemy few months ago. I found it much more useful than edx for many reasons: 1- the courses are much cheaper. 2- you have a life access to the courses. 3- you can start your course at any time you like. 4- the instructors are very responsive and continually upgrade their courses. The only disadvantage I found in Udemy is the variety of the courses. What I mean is in some studying field you can find only few courses about a certain topic.However,I think it is going to improve.

Jake B.


My experience

I’ve been wanting to learn some basic PHP for a long time since it would help me in my job. I decided to take a course on udemy and it was really great. For $20 I learned the basics and it even got me going into learning more on my own. The course was well organized, very happy with the overall experience.