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Online courses are a great way to develop your career, learn a new skill, a new hobby, or just broaden your knowledge. Whatever you want to learn is now easily accessible online in half the time, the effort and cost. Check out our comparison of the leading sites that offer online courses, start learning today and become a better version of yourself. 

preview only

per course


7 million

yes, with no certificate

per course


15 million

14 days

per course ($8+)


1.5 million

30 days

subscription ($19.99+)


13 million

14 days

per course ($25)



10 free courses



1 million

How do online courses sites work?

Although the sites we featured are different in terms of pricing, trial period, no of courses and students – the  process in all of them is the same: 

  • Find a topic – each site has a different variety of online courses to choose from but usually you’ll start by picking a course category and then a sub category. While some sites offer almost any topic – from finance, real estate and up to video design, others are more focused on a specific area – i.e. treehouse or code school which specialize in web development courses.
  • Browse relevant courses –  once you’ve chosen a topic, you’ll get a list of relevant courses – curated by different people / experts. Most sites offer a way to filter this list based on the following criteria:  level (beginner, intermediate, advanced)  language (if applicable), special features and pricing.
  • Start learning – the best part of taking an online course in any of the above sites is the ability to watch and listen to the materials anywhere and anytime (stop and continue whenever you’ve got the time). Most sites also provide an option to arrange your courses based on tags / collections so you can keep track of the different topics you’re learning and your progress status in each.
  • Provide feedback – getting feedback from users is very important to the sites above and that’s whay you’ll get an option to review each course you take (some of the sites above even allow for direct communication with the teacher / expert). 

  • Get a certificate – once you’ve completed a course / specialization / learning path (each site uses a slightly different terminology) you’ll be able to issue an online course certificate to show of your achievements. 

Why use online courses sites?

According to Forbes, online courses are becoming part of the fabric of both student and professional life and it’s only getting stronger as years go by. It’s not a hype and it’s here to stay.

It’s no doubt that online education is the future of learning -not just because it simplifies the learning process but also because it’s accessible anytime and almost anywhere. Also, companies and hiring mangers are aware of these factors and take them into account when considering candidates.

When you reach the interview phase with an employer after using an online learning platform, you’re basically showing the interviewer that:

  • You gained practical knowledge from the leading solutions today.
  • You’re not stuck with traditional learning models and methods (online learning is clearly the future)
  • You’re flexible and motivated
  • You have a certificate that proves all the above

Today, there are lots of sites that provide online learning in the form of courses or specialization programs. Some of these sites support almost every category while others are more focused on a specific field.