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Whether you need a new logo design, packaging design, or a completely new look for your website or application, design contest sites are a popular and effective solution mostly because they are fast, affordable and provide dozens of options to choose from. If you are looking for a designer to complete your next project, consider one of the following top rated design contest sites.

























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How does a design contest site work?

Although the sites we featured are different in terms of pricing, no of designers and other criteria – the process in all of them is the same and pretty simple: 

  • Design brief – this basically gives out a description of the type of project you’re interested in as well as some directions about the creative side.
  • Pick a design package – this would be based on your budget and usually impacts the professional level of the designers who will be working on your project. 
  • Launch your contest – this is where the magic happens:) your design project is shared with hundreds of talented designers from all over the world. 
  • Pick favorites – once you’ll start getting results from these designers,. you’ll have the option to review several results and pick the ones you like best. 
  • Last tweaks – once you’ve made a decision about the design, you work closely with that designers to execute any last tweaks you might want until you are completely happy with the outcome. 

Why use design contest sites?

When it comes to any type of design project, you basically have three options:

  1. Work directly with a freelance designer or an agency. 
  2. Use design contest sites which crowdsource your design project to hundreds (sometimes thousands) of designers. 
  3. Design something on your own. 

Design something on your own – unless you’re a designer by profession, going with this option would undoubtedly harm your business and reputation. Which leaves us with 1 and 2.   

Working directly with a freelance designer or an agency – picking this options gives you the most freedom but when it comes to schedule and rates, you’re not fully in control as they tend to work on a project to project basis. Not to mention that the end result will be a single design. What happens if you’re not happy with the end result? time and money wasted.

Use design contest sites – design contest sites grew in popularity over the past few years mostly because they are: fast, affordable and provide dozens of options to choose from. Although some independent designers tend to criticize the quality of the work provided by design contest sites, it’s hard to argue with the fact that these sites continue to grow and generally succeed with results that bring people back to use them over and over again.