What is Crowdsourcing Anyway?

Basically, it's the process in which a task is distributed to a group of people in order to get it done, rather than using just one specific person or company.
Merriam-Webster dictionary defines crowd sourcing as "the practice of obtaining needed services, ideas, or content by soliciting contributions from a large group of people and especially from the online community rather than from traditional employees or suppliers".

For example, you just created your first online store in which you're going to sell your own handmade bags. Your site is ready, but you're missing a logo - something that will be unique to you and will be identified with your products and future brand. But who do you turn to?
Browsing the web for the right way to get it done can be challenging, confusing - not to mention time consuming. To make your search more effective and to help you narrow it down to what matters most, let’s review the two most popular options to a great unforgettable logo:

  1. Hire a freelance or an agency to do the project for you. This usually starts with a lot of research to gather information based on what you need (or what you think you need). Once you have that, you move on to comparing between these options by weighing various parameters such as: time for delivery, costs, style,references, etc. When that has been accomplished, you’re off to signing the official contract and you wait for the results. But….what happens when you finally get the end product and it’s not even close to what you expected or what you initially asked for? Well, then you might want to consider option number 2.

  2. Crowdsourcing your project. This basically means you’re leveraging hundreds of people to simultaneously work according to your guidelines in a way that saves time, offers more than one end product while keeping it under your terms at any given moment (and that’s even before you open up your wallet). But let’s go into some more details on what this option really means and why you should be using it.

So. Many. Options.

Get hundreds of options for your logo from creative minds around the world!

These days we’re constantly reminded by brands, products and services that collaborating together in full transparency is what drives the true force behind the wisdom of the crowds. This is not just a trend as it’s already changing everything we do and there’s a few reasons why it’s here to stay.

In today’s world, we’re constantly chasing time, trying to achieve more with less. The old ways in which we used to conduct business or accomplish goals are no longer relevant. This demand for more with less has led us to embrace a new volume of information which is powered by thousands if not hundreds of thousands that shape and affect each other in a whole new way.

To put it more simply, this new way of making things happen introduced increased creativity, shorter delivery time and higher reach. According to a few researchers at MIT, there’s something about this mutual exchange of ideas and thoughts within the crowds that bring out certain behaviors (competition, adaptivity, self organization) which all contribute to delivering a better end product to each of us who’s currently looking out for a project that needs to be done.

Overall, crowdsourcing can offer great benefits to both sides: the crowdsourcers can accomplish their tasks quickly and easily, and usually at a lower cost. For the members of the crowd this new way offers access to millions of potential clients at any given moment, making it easier to find work.

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