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Why Crowdsource Your Design Project?

Crowdsourcing is not a new concept anymore. Since the idea was created, it has become a trusted source for getting up to hundreds of design ideas from hundreds of independent designers – all for one low price. For more information about crowdsourcing in general, check out our page about crowdsourcing. But for now, we'll stick to how it relates to design projects.

Crowdsourcing Offers Choices

We previously talked about the importance of the visual. But we failed to mention its reliance on instinct. After you see a new design for the first time, you know immediately whether it's a good or bad fit for your business. This is what we call "visual instinct." It's a gut feeling that tells you what's going to work and what's going to fail.

You want what's going to work, and you want it fast. And that's exactly what crowdsourcing design platforms offer. For example, on many platforms, after you propose a logo design projects, hundreds – even thousands – of independent designers get to work. They serve up ideas, sketches and even complete designs. All you have to do is go through them and select the one that impacts your "visual instinct" the most. After that, you work with your chosen designer to refine the initial creation into something perfect. Perfect for you and your business's success.

Note: This is how the online design process works on the majority of crowdsourcing platforms; however, there are slight variations from platform to platform. Helping you find the process you love best is why we're here!

Here are some other reasons why it's wise to crowdsource your project and use the skills of independent designers:

Independent designers are cost-effective. This is because designers are always competing with one another, and competition makes amazing services affordable. You're also avoiding the unnecessary project manager used in agencies – you're the project manager here! – and only paying for what you wanted in the first place: exceptional design skills.
Independent designers work well with others. Say you need the designer you pick to quickly collaborate with your crowdsourced writer. Because you're dealing with a professional, they're usually happy to do so. In addition to having design skills, many designers also have superb communication skills.

As you can see, when you outsource your design project to hundreds of designers for one low price – a.k.a. crowdsource – you're getting more than people who rely on traditional outsourcing. And, while doing so, you're not making a compromise on quality. In fact, you're getting more quality in higher quantity at the same price – a concept once thought impossible.

What Do I Need to Succeed?

There's only one main thing you need to successfully complete a project through crowdsourcing – only one. Everything else is taken care of by the crowdsourcing platform and the graphic designers who create your design.

All you need to succeed is an idea.

But, sometimes, coming up with an idea isn't that simple, which is why we're going to tell you how to do it. Using some of the popular forms of graphic design, we're going to tell you how to develop your big idea and make your project a success.

For example, to create a big idea for a traditional piece like a business card, do the following:

  • Go to your local print shop. Old fashioned shops will have a binder of samples while newer shops have a computer of samples. Although you want a custom design, you'll get some good ideas from seeing "cookie-cutter" samples up close. While you're there, ask to feel the various paper stocks for business cards. Feeling the actual paper may inspire more ideas than you think.
  • Do a Google Image search. Many people put their custom business card online for the public to see. To find business cards relevant to your field that will help inspire big ideas, search for: "(name of your industry) business cards." If you don't find much, do a regular Google search. Most likely, the websites of agencies and individual freelancers will come up in search. Although you want to crowdsource, you can still view the portfolios of these agencies and freelancers to help with ideas.


These tips also apply to flyers, posters and other forms of print advertising.

If, on the other hand, you need a professional to create a design for the digital sphere – a full website design, logo, icon, or other digital form – there are proven methods you can use to discover your big idea. Let’s say, for instance, if you need to create a logo design. To create a big idea for a digital piece like a logo, do the following:

  • Look at competitor websites. While you can also do a Google Image search for digital designs like logos, you'll often have better luck going directly to actual websites. This is because just about every website has a logo somewhere at the top of the homepage. Chances are, you have a good idea of who your competitors are. Find their sites, study their logos, and pick and borrow only the best aspects for your big idea.
  • Do your own rough sketch. Okay, so you're not an artist. But that doesn't matter. This is simply part of the brainstorming process. Perhaps, while drawing, you'll mistakenly create a shape that really piques your interest. Even if you don't, doing a rough sketch will help you with the most important thing in the end: writing down your big idea. Consider doing a rough sketch for traditional design projects as well as digital ones.


After you've done your research, all you need to do is put your big idea on paper. If you're not a great writer, consider asking a friend with writing skills to hear your idea and write it out for you. In the end, the clarity and descriptiveness of your big idea will determine how closely crowdsourced designs match your vision.


What Kind of Design Projects Can I Crowdsource?

The short answer: you can outsource almost any kind of design project you want. But we'll provide an example and a list of some of the most popular design projects around.

One of the most widely crowdsourced designs are logos, and getting a logo you love is incredibly easy. For example, say you have your big idea for a logo but only know how to put your idea into words. You lack the design skills to create the logo yourself but you know exactly what you want. With the crowdsourcing platforms we recommend, all you have to do is have an idea.

Once write down your idea and submit it on one of our preferred crowdsourcing platforms, you get hundreds of logos sent directly to you from up to hundreds of designers. Using your "visual instinct" we referred to before, you pick the logo you like best. You then work with the designer who created it to make necessary changes.

In addition to online logo design, you can also crowdsource the following projects:

  • Website design
  • Icons for websites and mobile apps
  • Online advertising design (Google ad banners, promotions, etc.)
  • Traditional advertising design (brochures, flyers, etc.)
  • Business cards
  • Posters
  • T-shirts


Where to begin?

Finding the perfect crowdsourcer and getting the perfect design is incredibly easy. Remember, the ease and efficiency of crowdsourcing is why it has become so popular since its recent creation. Thousands of businesses and professionals rely on it because it beats traditional outsourcing on so many levels.

To get the design you envision, just follow these three steps. If anyone tells you it's harder than this, they're lying!

Step 1: Compare crowdsourcers on our reviews page to find the best platform for your design needs. Get a list of the most reputable crowdsourcers and read user reviews.

Step 2: Pick a crowdsourcing platform and post your idea for thousands of qualified designers to see. The more detailed your idea is, the more relevant submissions will be.

Step 3: Review submissions from designers, pick the design you like best, and work with the designer to perfect the initial design.

After completing these three steps, you'll have exactly what you set off looking for: a clean, creative design to build your business's authority and further its success.


Good Luck!

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