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Pro services sites provide a marketplace of top notch handpicked freelancers services in the fields of development, product and design. These companies offer a new standard of work quality by applying a rigorous screening process to identify the best in each field. If your company faces a complex project, we recommended using one of the top rated pro services sites we’ve listed below.


1-2 weeks


2 weeks


2-3 days




2-3 weeks


20 hours


24 hours



How does pro services sites work?

Although the sites we featured are different in terms of pricing, upfront deposit, trial period etc – our research team has noticed that the overall process in all of them is more or less the same:  

  • Scope of project – providing basic information about the type of the project you require such as platform type, technology restraints, expected timeline, etc. Once this step has been completed – the matching process begins.
  • Matching process – this is where technology comes into play. Some of the sites above have developed their own algorithms that scan their network and identify the best candidates for your project. Although technology is used, it is usually complemented with in house experts which take part in further screening and interviewing of candidates when required.
  • Price setting – each project is priced based on a few factors: the complexity of the project, the type of professional required, the experience level of the selected professional and timeline restrictions. Although some sites will determine the pricing for the project based on the hours estimation – others will provide a more fixed model.
  • Project completed – depending on the complexity of each project, this would usually be divided into milestones that you will set together (some even provide dedicated product managers to guide and monitor the advancement of the project). At times, milestones would be linked with a payment phase.
  • Quality and satisfaction – although this is officially not a step in the process, all of the sites we’ve talked to are committed to making sure that companies will receive the end results they were hoping for. Some sites even offer a satisfaction team that closely monitors the process, especially towards the end to ensure that the product adheres to the expected standards. 

Why use professional freelance services ?

Each of the sites above developed their own unique screening process to identify professionals that are a true talent in their field. 

These talents have gained rich experience by working with giant tech companies all over the world and most come from a respected academic backgrounds. 

Companies such as Toptal and Gigster pride themselves in the process of matching the right candidates, working on tight schedule and high quality results (some of their projects have even won awards) and most have completed projects for huge brands ranging from IBM, Airbnb, eBay and more.