The Crowder

About Us

What is The Crowder?

The Crowder makes it easy to compare sites that offer products or services that are powered by the crowds.  

Each of our categories feature sites that use Crowd Power in different ways: from crowdsourcing and the sharing economy to other forms of crowd power solutions.

As we believe there’s a growing use of these sites, we’re here to review and compare the different options in all major categories, helping you save time and money.

How does it work

For example, on our design category you’ll find sites like 99Designs, DesignCrowd or Designhill – all crowdsourcing design platforms which connect your design project to thousands of talented designers around the world and deliver greater variety with better value.

Using the information displayed on our comparison table and the reviews left by other people who used these sites, you can now take a better decision as to which site you should be using for your design project. It’s that easy.

The idea is the same on all the other categories. Check out our comparison and choose the site that’s right for you.