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  • davidt
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    there are a lot of design sites out there, but i went with the masses and chose 99designs. my logo design project gave me good results, though it's a little more expensive than some other sites, i think it's probably worth it.
  • lamoreconta
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    I used 99Designs to open a contest for the realization of the cover of my book and I got a surprising success: 1122 entries from 167 different designers received in 6 days!! What can I say more? The system actually works! thank you everybody
  • Alma
    User's rating:

    I offered more than $300 for my logo because I wanted to choose from a wide variety of logos, and it worked pretty well. I chose a really cool logo, and after a few touch ups got it to perfection. This is definitely the future.
  • Secret name
    User's rating:

    I took one of the ready made logos, I'm sure it isn't right for everyone but it was perfect for me. $99 and I got this annoying task done with and at a very high quality.
  • Brad H
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    It was difficult to choose the site to advertise my project on, but I chose 99designs because they are the most famous and I don't regret it. THey work with a ton of designers, so I got a heap of designs really quickly.
  • Angie
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    Love them! I got a great business card :)
  • Dana
    User's rating:

    i used them to get a logo for my site -very good service and variety of logos